"all-inclusive service"


Every thing a food business could need to be eligible for FSTAA Accreditation 


Ingredient and labelling management

Food safety & allergen management

Service, communication & marketing


Services from the FSTAA Group

Certify FSTAA Accreditation (1st Feb 2022)
Expert Support inside FSTAA Membership (Launch 9th Nov 2021)

Additional Services

Including but by no means limited to:

Allergy Training

Staff, Supervisor and Manager Allergen Training from the best Accredited Allergy Experts in the UK and Europe

Training is In Person, Live by Video Link or Pre-recorded


Allergy and Inclusivity Audits from the experienced expert Food Safety Professionals

Audits can be in Person or Virtual depending on your needs

Audits can be delivered annually and on request when something changes in your business

Communication Software

Clear and safe software that supports Businesses to share Allergen and Menu Ingredient Information with Customers and Front of House Staff

 Nutritional Labelling

Clear Advice and Support to calculate and communicate Nutritional Information needed for compliance

 PPDS Compliance

Clear Support and Guidance to meet new PPDS/ Natasha's Law Regulations 

Starting soon inside FSTAA Membership is the PPDS Labelling Compliance Series.

 Certify FSTAA Accredited

 Inclusivity Consultation

 Coaching within FSTAA Membership

Access to resources, multidisciplinary advice and training specific to your business. Guest speakers in compliancy, with allergy, vegan, packaging and marketing specialists:

  • Food labelling claims or disclaimer compliance

  • Allergen management assessment, training, operations, ingredient management.

  • Innovation, niche marketing, SEO optimisation, campaign, launch promotion opportunities.

  • Packaging design, branding & production

  • Consumer insight to improve consumer communication and business growth. 

 Speaking engagements / FSTAA events 
 Niche business seminars and workshops . 
 FSTAA business networking & social events.
PR & media opportunities through case studies, 
 FSTAA newsletter & articles

Please tell us exactly what you need so we can make FSTAA a better support for all businesses and especially businesses like yours. We are evolving and always intend to expand, better serve and inspire more and more businesses, consumers and societies to be FSTAA Allergy Safe.

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The purpose of the certification:

To assure consumers that the  Food Allergy Safe Product or Establishment has:

Good intentions


Customer centric mindset

Confidence to serve them

Prioritisation of Inclusion


In practice it acknowledges the establishment for:

Accuracy of information, ingredients, allergies, claims or disclaimers

 Allergy Safe preparation

 Implemented Allergy policy

Menu options and adaptations

Complete staff training 

Transparent and clear communication and marketing.

Food Allergy Safe Products and Establishments aim to be inclusive of consumers avoiding allergens or specific ingredients to Food Allergy Safe standards.

Apply to be FSTAA Accredited first join FSTAA membership

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To appeal to:

people with food allergies

vegans & vegetarians

people with intolerances 

some religious diets

people with health conditions

people with health concerns


It guarantees NO:

Unfounded disclaimers

Misuse of claims

Ignorance, irritation, aggression or ridicule towards customers beliefs, dietary needs or health conditions or requests.