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The purpose of the certification: 

To assure consumers that the  Food Allergy Safe Product or  Establishment has:

Good intentions
Customer centric mindset 
Confidence to
 serve them
Prioritisation of Inclusion

To appeal to:

 people with food allergies

 vegans & vegetarians

 people with intolerances 

 some religious diets

 people with health conditions

 people with health concerns


In practice it acknowledges the establishment for:

 Accuracy of information, ingredients, allergies, claims or disclaimers

 Allergy Safe preparation

 Implemented Allergy policy

 Menu options and adaptations

 Complete staff training 

 Transparent and clear communication and marketing.

It guarantees NO:
 Unfounded disclaimers
isuse of claims
 Judgement, ignorance, irritation, aggression or ridicule towards customers beliefs, dietary needs, health conditions, choices or requests.

 Food Allergy Safe Products and Establishments aim to be inclusive of consumers avoiding allergens or specific ingredients to Food Allergy Safe standards.

To be eligible for 
FSTAA  Accreditation you must first be a member.


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