Founding Directors

Meet the FSTAA Founding Directors and understand WHY they joined together to form FSTAA

July 2021

FSTAA Group Ltd

“When I think about why we got together: It was a mutual desire to support food businesses, retail, manufacturing and hospitality to have clear direction. This is on messaging, compliance, disclaimers, how to interpret laws and legislations and how to have a trusted organisation that would have a united response and support them with any issues or problems they face. I feel this is the heart of what we are trying to do”


FSTAA Group Ltd

“I want to help food businesses to be safe. I am frustrated recalls due to allergens being missed. It isn’t acceptable. Yes, we are only human and mistakes can happen, but manufacturers must be transparent about suppliers, ingredient lists and recipes for recalls not to happen so often.

Compliance should be at the start of any new product development. Without compliance, you don’t have a product to sell, no matter how good it is.

As a vegan, I want to go out and eat with my whole family who are not vegan. I want choice, I want to ask a question and get a straight answer rather than ‘I don’t know’.
I feel awkward when people have to cater just for me – I shouldn’t have to feel like that.”


FSTAA Group Ltd

“Following the publication of my book "Inclusive: The New Exclusive" after interviewing industry experts, I realised there is real opportunity to make a difference, protect people from harm and help well intentioned people and businesses to show how they are different and really do care. My Co- founders showed me the how, a way to truly reward good intentions and astounding customer service. FSTAA Accreditation can lead to a huge competitive advantage both to earn more custom but also protect against litigation. Customers and businesses are lacking confidence or understanding around allergies, vegans and other dietary requirements different to the mainstream. We can help from all angles, to help, improve inclusion and promote kindness, safety and the commercial value in wising up about allergies. For some it's life or death and others it's make or break. FSTAA can help all food businesses stand out, be remarkable, be recognised for their full value. I am so excited to be a part of it.”





An acknowledgement of achievement from a diverse team of experienced food industry specialists of a business's responsible, compliant, competency.

Acknowledgement of willingness and commitment to understand, serve and include people to food allergy safe standards above and beyond legal compliance standards.


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Charitable Support

FSTAA donate 10% of net profits after tax, to charitable causes, that support communities, and represent or benefit from our values and legacy.

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